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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Advance Care Plan document and guide.

The national ACP working group have now completed their update to the ACP template and guide. Working with consumer groups around the country, the team have developed a plan and guide as a single document that provides clearer, simpler prompts to help people consider and document the care they would or would not want in the future. The plan can be completed as a writable PDF or in hard copy. You can access the plan and guide at

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Title: HOPE - Health of Older People E-resource (Mental Health Services for Older People)



This resource is specifically designed for qualified clinicians working in both community and in-patient settings. Nonetheless, service users and their carers, family and whanau are also welcome to use this site. It identifies both the specific skills (competencies) necessary to work in this expanding clinical area. It also offers an e-learning platform that allows access to peer assessed information that delivers the knowledge required to fulfil each competency.

Target Audience: Clinicians

Appropriate Audience: Clinicians, older people, carers, family/whānau of older people


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Title: Ministry of Health – New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care



This publication provides DHBs and the health and social support sectors with a guide for developing their dementia care pathways.  The framework has three guiding principles:

·         following a person-centred and people-directed approach

·         providing accessible, proactive and integrated services that are flexible to meet a variety of needs

·         developing the highest possible standard of care.

The publication also highlights five key elements for effective dementia care:

·         awareness and risk reduction

·         assessment, diagnosis, early intervention and ongoing support

·         living well

·         meeting challenges to maximise wellbeing

·         end of life.

Overarching factors that must be considered across all five key elements are also identified:

·         education and training for people with dementia and their families and whānau

·         workforce education and training

·         readily accessible information

·         governance

·         family and whānau support

·         culturally appropriate services

·         funding streams

·         monitoring and evaluation

·         advocacy.




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Title: Te Ara Whakapiri – Principles and Guidance for the Last Days of Life


Description: Te Ara Whakapiri: Principles and guidance for the last days of life outlines the essential components and considerations required to promote quality care at the end of life for all adults in New Zealand. It also provides examples of useful approaches and tools that will serve as aids for the development of national and/or local resources as part of implementation.

The guidance document is based on an extensive evaluation of the available literature and is informed by local research. This ensures it is applicable to the unique context that is Aotearoa New Zealand.

The document has been endorsed by key professional health organisations in New Zealand. It marks a major step towards ensuring that all health care services across the country are focused on delivering the very best care for people who are dying and for their family/whānau whatever the setting.


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Title: National Audit of Dementia Care in UK General Hospitals 2016–2017 Third Round of Audit Report


Description: The National Audit of Dementia (NAD) care in general hospitals is commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership on behalf of NHS England and the Welsh Government, as part of the National Clinical Audit Programme. NAD examines aspects of the care received by people with dementia in general hospitals in England and Wales.

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