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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Title: Dementia Friendly America: Guides for Sector; Legal


Description: Based on the work of ACT on Alzheimers, the DFA website has separate guides for different businesses and services within the community. They are a basic introduction to the types of things services can be mindful of implementing when working with someone living with dementia.

Source/Link: (DFA is based on ACT on ALZ)

Target Audience: This resource is specifically for legal services, with advice about what to be aware of, what to be mindful of when working with someone living with dementia, and potential signs of abuse

Appropriate Audience: All people could benefit from this information.

Notes: These guides are based on another organisations work.

Pricing: Nil. If the information is being used, contact with ACT on Alz is required before modification occurs.

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Title: He Ara Tika, A pathway forward: The scope and role of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) in relation to aged care and disability residences and facilities


Description: In light of growing concerns about the treatment of people residing in locked aged care facilities, dementia units, compulsory care facilities, community-based homes and residences for disabled persons, this report reviews the applicability of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) to those situations. In particular, it considers whether the scope of the OPCAT should be expanded in New Zealand to include the monitoring of aged care facilities and disability residences, places in which residents often have physical and mental vulnerabilities.

Target Audience: Health care practitioners, carers, aged care providers, aged/disability care residential facilities



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