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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Ministry of Health 2016. Secure Dementia Care Home Design: Information Resource. Wellington: Ministry of Health, NZ

Published in August 2016

Document also available at:

secure-dementia-care-home-design-information-resource NZ MOH.pdf

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Title: Alzheimers Disease International (ADI)  reports on Dementia Friendly Communities



Description: A dementia friendly community can be defined as: a place or culture in which people with dementia and their carers are empowered, supported and included in society, understand their rights and recognise their full potential.

This set of reports from ADI outlines key principles in creating dementia friendly communities, and gives an overview of the progress made in creating dementia friendly communities worldwide.

Target Audience: Business owners, service providers, HCP

Appropriate Audience: Anyone who comes into contact with people with dementia and the people that care for them.

Pricing: Nil, available free to download from the ADI website.

Contact Person: Contact details for ADI can be found at and email

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Title: Insite Magazine – Dementia Friendly Design


Description: Information on designing dementia friendly living environments.

Appropriate Audience: Designers, Architects, Aged Residential Care Facilities, Family/Whānau of people with dementia


Editor – Jude Barback

Phone: 07 542 3013


Twitter: @INsite_NZ



NZME. Educational Media
Level 2, NZME. House
190 Taranaki Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

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Title: Dementia Services Development Centre – Design


Description: For over 25 years Dementia Services Development Centre (University of Stirling )multidisciplinary team of clinical specialists, architects and designers have been promoting the importance of design for people with dementia. We have developed a unique insight into what can be done to support people with dementia, based on research and evidence of what makes a difference.

What we do

At DSDC we offer the following core services:

·         Design Training

·         Scheme Reviews

·         Product Development

·         Audit & Accreditation

·         Bespoke Client Briefing Development

·         Bespoke, enhanced design input


Contact: Online contact form -

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