NZ Framework for Dementia Care


Legal Issues
Category: People Affected by Dementia - Making Decisions about Care
Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Preventing & Addressing Abuse & Neglect of Older Adults

Person Centred, Collaborative, System Wide Approaches

This is a guide published by the RNAO (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario).

This nursing best practice guideline is a comprehensive document providing resources for evidence based nursing practice. It is not intended to be a manual or “how to” guide but rather a template or tool to guide best practices in preventing and addressing abuse and neglect of older adults. The guideline should be reviewed and applied in accordance with both the needs of the individual organizations or practice settings and the needs and preferences of the older adult. In addition, the guideline provides an overview of appropriate structures and supports for providing the best possible evidence-based care. Nurses, other health-care providers and administrators who lead and facilitate practice changes will find this document invaluable for developing policies, procedures, protocols, educational programs and assessments, interventions and documentation tools. Nurses and other health-care providers in direct care will benefit from reviewing the recommendations and the evidence that supports them. We particularly recommend that practice settings adapt these guidelines in formats that are user-friendly for daily use

Contributor: Shereen  Moloney - 02 Nov 2018, 2:19 PM