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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

I Have Dementia. Try Walking in My Shoes: This is a dementia awareness poster developed by the DHB South Island Alliance for use by families and health care teams.

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Title: Dementia Economic Impact Report



Description: The Alzheimers New Zealand economic impact reports are the primary information source on the size and scale of the dementia challenge in New Zealand.  They help to inform decision-making around dementia policy.

This is the third economic impact report commissioned by Alzheimers New Zealand. 

Appropriate Audience: Anyone impacted by dementia


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Title: Public Trust – Personal Assist – The stress free way to manage financial and property matters


Description: Services for older people including financial management, property maintenance, and assistance in transitioning to a retirement village or rest home.

Target Audience: Older people

Appropriate Audience: Older people, family/whānau of older people


Phone: 0800 371 471


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Title: Dementia: Stigma, Language, and Dementia-friendly



Description: This article discusses the stigmatization of people with dementia, the role of language in that stigmatization, and how a lack of inclusion undermines Dementia-friendly initiatives.


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Title: Te Ara Whakapiri – Principles and Guidance for the Last Days of Life


Description: Te Ara Whakapiri: Principles and guidance for the last days of life outlines the essential components and considerations required to promote quality care at the end of life for all adults in New Zealand. It also provides examples of useful approaches and tools that will serve as aids for the development of national and/or local resources as part of implementation.

The guidance document is based on an extensive evaluation of the available literature and is informed by local research. This ensures it is applicable to the unique context that is Aotearoa New Zealand.

The document has been endorsed by key professional health organisations in New Zealand. It marks a major step towards ensuring that all health care services across the country are focused on delivering the very best care for people who are dying and for their family/whānau whatever the setting.


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