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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Title: 10 signs of DementiaAlzheimers NZ

Source/Link: NZ

Description: 10 signs of dementia resources. Several different formats are available, including infographic, pamphlet and text.

Target Audience: Carers, care home staff, families, older people, GP, RN, OT.

Appropriate Audience: Most people may benefit from a resources of this type.

Notes: Please contact Alzheimers NZ for NZ resource, or your regional Alzheimers or Dementia organisation. Please note, internationally there are different formats (that may be of use of different audiences) that present very similar information.

Pricing: Printing costs for these resources vary, but you can download and print this for yourself or organisation.

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Title: Dementia Training Australia


Description: DTA is a service established to provide dementia-specific training to aged care, health care professionals, undergraduate trainees, and a range of other professionals and community service providers.

Our goal is to improve the care and wellbeing of people with dementia.

We will achieve this goal through a range of services, events, and resources to ensure that up-to-date dementia knowledge and skills training are within reach of anyone who has a professional contact point with people who have dementia.



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