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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Title: Walking in Another’s Shoes



Description: Canterbury District Health Board’s Walking in Another’s Shoes programme was pioneered by English professor of psychogerontology Tom Kitwood. It is founded on the principle of putting the person with dementia at the centre of care. ‘The focus is on putting the person before the disease: valuing each person as a unique individual with specific needs and abilities that should be supported and respected. We aim to work around the person with dementia rather than have them adapt their world around our routines,’ Alan says.

Walking in Another’s Shoes offers workshops and full-day classes for aged residential care staff. Dementia Care educators also visit rest homes and hospitals to provide on-site staff training. Participants in the programme are educated on a wide range of dementia-related topics. The programme encourages staff to work together to find solutions to challenges.

Target Audience: Health care practitioners, Aged residential care staff, Support workers



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Title: Mary Potter Hospice – Masterclass: Neurodegenerative Disorders & Palliative Care


Description: This workshop looks at a range of neurodegenerative disorders and how to work with people as they transition to palliative care. It is led by Dr Janet Turnbull, psychogeriatrician who works with Mary Potter Hospice and in general medicine.

The sessions will cover diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia; Cerebrovascular and Stroke; Huntington’s; Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease and has been designed for clinical health professionals working with palliative patients and family and whānau.

Appropriate Audience: Clinical health professionals working with palliative patients and their family/whānau.

Pricing: Please see website for course pricing.

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Title: Te Ara Whakapiri – Principles and Guidance for the Last Days of Life


Description: Te Ara Whakapiri: Principles and guidance for the last days of life outlines the essential components and considerations required to promote quality care at the end of life for all adults in New Zealand. It also provides examples of useful approaches and tools that will serve as aids for the development of national and/or local resources as part of implementation.

The guidance document is based on an extensive evaluation of the available literature and is informed by local research. This ensures it is applicable to the unique context that is Aotearoa New Zealand.

The document has been endorsed by key professional health organisations in New Zealand. It marks a major step towards ensuring that all health care services across the country are focused on delivering the very best care for people who are dying and for their family/whānau whatever the setting.


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Title: Hammond Care – Better For Everyone – 02 Staff Resource



This booklet particularly concerns those residents living with dementia when they behave in ways which are upsetting or potentially harmful to you, themselves or others. These are known as behaviours of concern, or challenging behaviours.

This booklet is designed to help you, as a member of staff in an aged care facility, better understand and support your residents.

This booklet is part of a larger Toolkit which provides proven, practical ways to make life better for everyone in an aged care facility. The Toolkit gives ways to assess and change the built or physical environment of an aged care facility to make residents’ lives, and your working life easier.


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