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Supported Decision Making
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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Below is the link to the Supported Decision-Making Hui held earlier this year in Auckland.

Members of the NZDC discussed supported decision-making for people with dementia and other disability groups also spoke about how we can help people to make their own decisions rather than taking over.

The link will take you to a wide variety of videos  and presentations.

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Advance Care Plan document and guide.

The national ACP working group have now completed their update to the ACP template and guide. Working with consumer groups around the country, the team have developed a plan and guide as a single document that provides clearer, simpler prompts to help people consider and document the care they would or would not want in the future. The plan can be completed as a writable PDF or in hard copy. You can access the plan and guide at

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Title: Residential Aged Care Integration Programme – Waitemata DHB


The Residential Aged Care Integration Programme Resources

A collaborative workgroup (managers, clinical coordinators and senior nurses from Waitemata DHB and aged care facilities) has developed several resources for staff in residential aged care.

Description: Designed and produced by Waitemata DHB clinical and managerial staff.  There are resources specifically designed for dementia and delirum, including a pamphlet and booklet for assisting with decision making. This booklet is attached to this post and is available from the above link, as are links to the other developed resources.

Target Audience: Caregivers and Health care professionals (HCP) working is residential aged care.

Contact Person: Janet Parker, RN NP for Older People’s Health at Waitemata DHB. P: 09 839 0000 x 6176|M:021 932 744|F: 09 839 0514

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