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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Advance Care Plan document and guide.

The national ACP working group have now completed their update to the ACP template and guide. Working with consumer groups around the country, the team have developed a plan and guide as a single document that provides clearer, simpler prompts to help people consider and document the care they would or would not want in the future. The plan can be completed as a writable PDF or in hard copy. You can access the plan and guide at

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The NZ Dementia Cooperative (NZDC), Alzheimers NZ and Carers NZ present the final report and recommendations from the 2015 NZ Dementia Summit.

The 2016 World Alzheimers Report warns that countries like New Zealand are unprepared for a surge in dementia cases and need to take urgent action, and there is currently much debate about what NZ needs to do to manage this projected increase. The recurring questions are: What care and support do people with dementia need? What do families need to support their loved ones? How must the health and social care system change to respond with quality care? How do we get there?

Those critical questions prompted the NZDC, Alzheimers NZ and Carers NZ to collaborate to hold the NZ Dementia Summit as a national discussion about the way forward for dementia care in NZ.

The objectives of the Summit were:

  1. To outline what is currently working well.

  2. To identify what improvements are needed.

  3. To identify the steps that could be taken to make the wanted improvements to ensure people’s needs are met and appropriate care is provided.


224 people from across the sector gathered to discuss the many issues involved. The Summit attracted a wide range of participants, including health professionals, service providers, government officials, educators, researchers and people affected by dementia, including family carers, who all shared their experience, knowledge and expertise.

NZ Dementia Summit participants were clear that changes are urgently needed in the health and social care system to better meet people’s needs now, and to ensure the system is robust enough to weather the projected increase in the number of people with dementia. They acknowledged that these changes will be challenging. National leadership will be needed and everyone in the dementia sector needs to work together to achieve them. There was strong commitment from the Summit participants to do this.

This report summarises the Summit participants’ discussion and responses to the three objectives, and concludes with recommendations for critical action. We see it as the basis for the ongoing discussion the sector needs to have about improving dementia care.

You can access the report on this link.

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Reading and Dementia

Please visit  for information on our reading and dementia project. This site also gives information on the dementia-friendly book series. We are working in conjunction with Bupa, who have generously provided sponsorship. Please phone on 027 410 8708 if any questions about this project, or if you'd like to become involved.

Kind regards, Dr Sally Rimkeit Psychogeriatrician and Dr Gillian Claridge Applied Linguist


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Resource type: Video

Title: DOTTY - This funny and touching little film about an old lady


Description: This is created by NZ film makers. “This funny and touching little film about an old lady struggling to send a text message has been charming the pants off film festival audiences from Tokyo to Nantucket – where it won Best Short Film. It will have you both laughing and reaching for a tissue”

Target Audience: This is a human interest piece, to give some insight into some of the experiences for people living with dementia.

Appropriate Audience: General interest and awareness.

Notes: This is a NZ based film.             

Pricing: available for purchase here to support the production team.

Contact Person:

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Title: Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in New Zealand: An Evidence Based Treatment for Dementia


Description: Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) is a structured and manualised group treatment specifically developed for people with mild to moderate dementia. It involves 14 sessions (twice a week over seven weeks) of themed activities. Sessions are aimed to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social benefits of a group.


Cognitive stimulation is recommended for people with mild to moderate dementia in the UK Government National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance.The evidence for CST (improvement in cognition, quality of life and communication) is confirmed in a recent Cochrane review. The World Alzheimer Report states that: "CST should be routinely given to people with early stage dementia."


CST can be delivered relatively easily in both community and residential care settings by anyone working with people with dementia, e.g. occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, diversional therapists or nurses.


Appropriate Audience: People diagnosed with dementia, family/whanau, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, diversional therapists, nurses.



Gary Cheung

Old Age Psychiatrist

The University of Auckland & Auckland City Hospital


Kathy Peri

Gerontology Nurse Specialist

The University of Auckland & Middlemore Hospital


Laurel Winwood

Facility Manager

Radius Taupaki Gables


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Title: Careerforce - Describe interaction, supports and reporting for people with dementia in an aged care, health, or disability context -Unit standard 26974 iLearn resource




Description: This is an open online course developed by Alzheimer's NZ and Careerforce for people interested in understanding how to support someone with dementia. Topics include: Dementia and its effects; Interacting with a person with dementia; Community support services for people with dementia; Reporting requirements for dementia carers.


Target Audience: Family/Whānau carers, Home & Community Care support workers, Aged residential care staff



Freephone: 0800 277 486
Phone: 03 371 9295
Fax: 03 371 9285


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Title: Ministry of Health – New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care



This publication provides DHBs and the health and social support sectors with a guide for developing their dementia care pathways.  The framework has three guiding principles:

·         following a person-centred and people-directed approach

·         providing accessible, proactive and integrated services that are flexible to meet a variety of needs

·         developing the highest possible standard of care.

The publication also highlights five key elements for effective dementia care:

·         awareness and risk reduction

·         assessment, diagnosis, early intervention and ongoing support

·         living well

·         meeting challenges to maximise wellbeing

·         end of life.

Overarching factors that must be considered across all five key elements are also identified:

·         education and training for people with dementia and their families and whānau

·         workforce education and training

·         readily accessible information

·         governance

·         family and whānau support

·         culturally appropriate services

·         funding streams

·         monitoring and evaluation

·         advocacy.




Phone: 0800855 066

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Title: Dementia: Stigma, Language, and Dementia-friendly



Description: This article discusses the stigmatization of people with dementia, the role of language in that stigmatization, and how a lack of inclusion undermines Dementia-friendly initiatives.


Kate Swaffer – 

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Title:  BBC – Living With Dementia


Description: Radio, television, and digital content with a focus on living with dementia.


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Title: Dementia Services Development Centre – Dementia Blogs


Description: The Dementia Services Development Centre offers blogs connected to dementia related topics.

Contact: Online contact form -

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Supporting Family & Whānau of People Living with Dementia

Education Guidelines

January 2019

These guidelines were produced by the National Dementia Framework Collaborative with extensive input and feedback from the across the sector, including family and whānau of people living with dementia.

This document is a guide for education providers to develop effective, person-centred education programmes for family and whānau supporters of people living with dementia. It provides recommendations for core education topics for family and whānau supporting people living with dementia relevant to the stages of early and mid-stage dementia. There are also add-on topics relevant to pre-diagnosis and late stage dementia.

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