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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

For Carers - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

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Contributor: Eileen Smith - 22 Jun 2016, 11:41 AM


I am sharing one of the learning resources we developed- guiding principles in positive interventions.  Many of our resources are developed through our training work and shared openly. They are intended to get conversations going, and help embed learning in work practice.  I welcome any feedback and comments.



Contributor: Caroline Bartle - 22 Nov 2016, 12:07 PM

Title:FutureLearn course - Ageing Well: Falls

Organisation: Newcastle University


Description: This course is an overview of falls, how they occur and their impacts. Whether you have been affected by falls yourself or care for someone who has, this course will help you understand what you can do to prevent falls and also what you can do if you have experienced a fall. This course is designed and run by academics from Newcastle University.

Target Audience: Healthcare professionals and care workers

Appropriate Audience: Older people, family carers, healthcare professionals and care workers

Pricing: FutureLearn can be accessed for free. A certificate may be purchase to show completion of this course. This may be of relevance for continuing education for health care professionals and care workers. They normally cost from £39.00 (GBP) to £59.00 (GBP) + shipping. The price shown includes a digital and printed certificate and transcript, and VAT or local sales tax. The exact price for your course will be shown within the course itself.

Contact Person:

Julia Newton, Professor of Ageing & Medicine and James Frith, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine, Newcastle University & Falls & Syncope Service, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the contact email address for feedback of FL courses.

Contributor: Dementia Resources Project - 22 Jan 2017, 7:45 PM

Title: The Wicking Centre massive open online course (MOOC): Understanding Dementia


Website: and

Description: Participants in the Understanding Dementia MOOC will gain an increased knowledge of dementia, including its causes, symptoms and ways of responding to the needs of people living with the condition. The aim of this fully on-line course is to maximise the quality of life of people living with dementia, their families and carers. Participants will learn about the brain, the diseases causing dementia, and the person experiencing the condition, and have the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded participants from across the globe.

Target Audience: People with an interest in dementia. This is an appropriate course for health care practitioners entering the field of dementia care, students, carers and families that wish to know more about dementia.

Appropriate Audience: All people with an interest in dementia will benefit from this course.

Notes: The Wicking Centre runs this MOOC several times over the course of the year. This is an Australian based course.

Pricing: This is a freely available MOOC run by the Wicking Centre out of University of Tasmania.

Contact Person: Access to the MOOC’s designed by the Wicking Centre require registration. Upon registration, you can join discussion boards. The contact page can be found here

Contacts for the Wicking Centre can be found on this webpage:

Contributor: Dementia Resources Project - 10 May 2017, 1:36 PM

Title: Careerforce - Describe interaction, supports and reporting for people with dementia in an aged care, health, or disability context -Unit standard 26974 iLearn resource




Description: This is an open online course developed by Alzheimer's NZ and Careerforce for people interested in understanding how to support someone with dementia. Topics include: Dementia and its effects; Interacting with a person with dementia; Community support services for people with dementia; Reporting requirements for dementia carers.


Target Audience: Family/Whānau carers, Home & Community Care support workers, Aged residential care staff



Freephone: 0800 277 486
Phone: 03 371 9295
Fax: 03 371 9285


Contributor: Dementia Resources Project - 28 Jun 2017, 3:24 PM