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Challenging Behaviour Support
Category: Health and Social - Management & Treatment
Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Behavioural, psychologic symptoms affect most patients with dementia.

Ngaire Kerse and Gary Cheung

(New Zealand Doctor 13 April 2014)


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Title: CALD Guidelines for Dementia Patients in Aged Residential Care

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Description: Research undertaken by University of Auckland researchers has been compiled into a comprehensive set of guidelines for people working in dementia care with people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Target Audience: Carers, care home facilities, GP, RN, other HCP involved in care including SLT, OT, DT, etc.

Appropriate Audience: This may be appropriate for any HCP engaging with people living with dementia and CALD people.

Notes: Guide is available in hard copy if required. Please email the author for copies.

Pricing: Electronic version is available for download or hard copy by contacting Dr Cheung.

Contact Person: Dr Gary Cheung Phone: 64 9 923 9491 and email:

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