New Zealand Dementia Cooperative SITE VERSIONS

Date: 15-Dec-2016

  • Education Module - the education module has been upgraded and now allows all members to submit; Courses, Books/Articles and Training
  • Research Module - updated so members can now add the following resources; Research, Researchers, International and local research
  • Research & Education modules unable to submit content without putting a link in first, even if there was no link needed
  • File upload size too low - increased from 4mb -> 10mb

Date: 31-Oct-2016

Just a couple of quick changes here....
  1. Resources -> Research // Moderators can now add new research and/or researchers to the 'Resources/research' module - we have tidied up the interface and made it easier to consume this information
  2. Site Speed - some users found the site getting sluggish on slower internet connections - this has been fixed

Date: 17-Aug-2016

Page link from main homepage has now been updated with some support documentation - this page will be updated as needed and contains basic how-to information when performing specific actions on the site.

Date: 25-Jul-2016

Go Live!

The New Zealand Dementia Cooperative is proud to launch it's new Dementia Interactive Portal.

This portal gives users the ability to share information and participate in active conversations around all aspects of Dementia care in NZ and abroad.
This Site will be actively managed and updated from time to time - please reference this page for changes and upgrades over time.

Once again - welcome to the portal and feel free to look around and register.