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I have been a psychiatrist for 25 years!! Much of that time I have worked in old age psychiatry, hence my interest in dementia.
Apart from the clinical aspects I am really interested in what makes a person, personal identity, our rights as citizens whether we are forgetful or not. I am interested in how much value we put on the ability to reason, even though we know most decisions are made before a thought even reaches consciousness.
As well as philosophy and ethics much of my passion is feminist. I am an ageing woman!!! I don't want to be discriminated against because I am old, female and forgetful. I am glad to see that dementia is finally being recognised as a women's issue-- not just for those who develop dementia-- the wives and daughters and daughters-in-law who care for people with dementia and the poorly-paid formal caregivers-- women too...
I am the chair of the steering group of the NZDC and very proud of this portal. it will be a great way to debate and share information. Thanks to Shereen and David who have made it work.