Vision / Goals

Updated on: 13-Jun-2016

NZDC Vision

NZ will value people with dementia and those who support them, so that they can live well.

NZDC Principles

  • Inclusive and optimistic attitudes
  • Commitment to the person with dementia and their family/whanau

NZDC Objective

To co-operate and collaborate with like-minded people who are passionate about advancing knowledge of approaches to dementia care in New Zealand.

NZDC Goals

To promote life after a diagnosis of dementia;

To facilitate dialogue and support the implementation of a national framework for dementia care with local flexibility. 

To increase awareness and understanding of dementia by government and the wider community through collaborative action;

To contribute to, and thereby influence, national policy development regarding dementia specific services, workforce and education;

To coordinate nationwide action and effort by knowledge sharing thus avoiding duplication of effort;

To influence practice by providing impetus for, and input into, dementia care initiatives; 

To encourage timely diagnosis and early intervention;

To encourage specialised training for all service providers working with people with dementia and their carers;

To promote New Zealand-based research into dementia based on identified areas of need.   

              To develop and promote a standard of excellence in dementia care aligned to international trends.