Updated on: 11-Jul-2019

The NZ Dementia Cooperative (NZDC) is made up of individuals and organisations committed to improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers within New Zealand.

Our major sponsors for 2015 are the Ministry of Health, Bupa and The Selwyn FoundationWelcome to the New Zealand Dementia Portal

This is where we can share inform, argue, create and cooperate to improve life for people with dementia and those who support them in Aotearoa / New Zealand. If you are logging on to this site you probably already know that the prevalence of dementia is increasing as our population ages and this is a condition that is really costly in terms of energy, emotion, time and money. We at the NZ Dementia Cooperative are working together to minimise those costs, at the same time as improving the care. We passionately believe that sharing all the community’s knowledge and experience is one way to meet these goals. New Zealand is a small country and there are always demands on our limited resources. By collaborating we will reduce waste and duplication.

So, please be willing to share. This site depends on your input, be it a question, a blog, the link to an interesting article or YouTube clip, your response to what someone else said, your experience or your research. There are many, many aspects to dementia; you might be the New Zealand expert in one of them. We can all learn from each other.

Finally, please join the New Zealand Dementia Cooperative. The more there are of us, the better our chances of achieving our aims in cooperation with other bodies with similar goals.

Chris Perkins

Chair, Steering Group

NZ Dementia Cooperative