NZ Framework for Dementia Care


Category: Health and Social - Home Based Care
Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

This document contains a list of NZ research that could be categorised under the "Living Well" section of the NZ Framework for Dementia Care. There will be omissions and perhaps some papers that could go elsewhere. Please contribute other research or comment if you think your research is incorrectly included here. Thanks

Contributor: Chris Perkins - 31 Oct 2016, 8:58 AM

Speech and Language Therapists at Massey University are currently running a study aimed at keeping conversations going. We are looking for people with dementia and their main communication partner. This could be a spouse, or family member. We will put in place individualised strategies to maintain communication and quality of life. In addition, our Speech and Language Therapy Clinic at the Albany campus also offers one to one or group therapy. Please contact us for further information, or if you have any questions.

Phone 09 4140800, extension 43522 for Annabel Grant (Speech and Language Therapist). Email: