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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

Some resources about dementia and spirituality:

The Selwyn Institute for Ageing and Spirituality.

Have a look through the Education sections for presentations on spirituality. Not all specifically address dementia but may be useful anyway.

Another place for resources on dementia and spirituality is the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies (CAPS)

In the Resources section are two Powerpoint presentations by Linda Krijistan and John Swinton each of which contain information about spirituality in dementia. Elizabeth MacKinlay, formerly Director of the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies (CAPS) has also written about spirituality and dementia:

Finding Meaning in the Experience of Dementia

And Facilitating Spiritual reminiscence for People with Dementia: a learning guide,kac_so:1


For New Zealand research on spirituality and dementia see:

·                     Perkins, C., Egan, R., Llewellyn, R., & Peterken, B. (2015). Still living, loving, and laughing: Spiritual life in the dementia unit. Journal of Religion, Spirituality & Aging, 27(4), 270-287. doi: 10.1080/15528030.2015.1037532


·                     Perkins, C. & Peterken, B. (2014). The rewards of nursing patients with dementia.  Kai Tiaki,   Nursing NZ , 11/14; 20 (10)    (This looks at the spiritual rewards of nursing people with dementia)

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Title: Dementia Friendly America: Guides for Sector; Faith and Religious Buildings/Organisations


Description: Based on the work of ACT on Alzheimers, the Dementia Friendly America (DFA) website has separate guides for different businesses and services within the community. They are a basic introduction to the types of things services can be mindful of implementing when working with someone living with dementia.

Source/Link: (DFA is based on ACT on ALZHEIMERS)

Target Audience: Business and service owners, carers (for distribution to spaces they frequent often).

Appropriate Audience: All people could benefit from this information.

Notes: These guides are based on another organisations work.

Pricing: Nil. If the information is being used, contact with ACT on Alzheimers is required before modification occurs.

int booklets_df_faith_dfa.pdf

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eCALD Learning Resource: Working with Religious Diversity

CALD stands for Cultural and Linguistically Diverse


Description: This resources is part of the eCALD online resource complement and addresses religious diversity.

General Title: eCALD Online Learning tool

Homepage Source/Link:

Descrition: The eCALD website houses a huge range of education resources, toolkits, and courses to help assist HCP in upskilling in Cultural competency; for working with CALD populations and those services that are in places to assist with CALD patients. This is a Waitemata DHB developed programme and is funded by the Northern Regional Alliance.

Information about eligibility and enrolment criteria can be found on this webpage:

Target Audience: Those HCP wishing to upskill in cultural competencies in the Northern region.

Appropriate Audience: Any HCP wishing to further upskill in cultural competencies may find this of use to pursue.

Reviews: None yet – if you have completed this module and would like to provide a review outlining how this has been useful to you, please contact Thank you!

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Title: Dementia: Stigma, Language, and Dementia-friendly



Description: This article discusses the stigmatization of people with dementia, the role of language in that stigmatization, and how a lack of inclusion undermines Dementia-friendly initiatives.


Kate Swaffer – 

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Title:  BBC – Living With Dementia


Description: Radio, television, and digital content with a focus on living with dementia.


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