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Updated on: 11-Jun-2016

The Unacceptable Reality of Care for People Living With Dementia

This post includes a link to the above article in The Lancet, which has embedded in it links to survey findings from Alzheimers UK on the quality of home care, and a Canadian report on a new strategy for dementia.

The Lancet; Volume 388, No. 10060, p2566, 26 November 2016

For the first time, dementia has overtaken ischaemic heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics, and the mortality rate has more than doubled since 2010. The causes for this change include an ageing population, improved recognition, diagnosis, and reporting, but also treatment and prevention successes for other diseases. These figures also mean that an increasing number of people will live with dementia.

Although there have been several high-profile national efforts to accelerate research into treatments for dementia—so far with little success—people-centred, competent, and compassionate support and care for people living with dementia is what is really needed now. Survey findings, released by the UK-based charity Alzheimer's Society on Nov 16, paint a shocking picture about the quality of home care for people with dementia. There are about 520 000 home-care workers in the UK; 38% have no dementia training and of 43% who asked for training, more than 50% were turned down.

Many countries are struggling with the increasing need for caring for the elderly with dementia. In Canada, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology has just released a new reportDementia in Canada: A National Strategy for Dementia-friendly Communities—with 29 recommendations. Strategies, however, are not enough. Dementia care is demanding and needs to be individualised, compassionate, and integrated into community efforts. An urgent first step in the UK is a dedicated, educated, adequately financed, and well respected home-care workforce.

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Title: Website- Facilitation of Home based help



Description: A website that is designed to help connect clients and home-based care workers. This is akin to a solely for home-based care. Can be used by people with dementia, families, care workers, care homes, etc to facilitate finding work or care workers as required.

Target Audience: People with dementia, familiy carers, may be appropriate for care home managers and staff.

Notes: Some clients can access this service for free. Ministry of Justice Criminal & Traffic History check of care workers is compulsory and people are able to view feedback on care workers when available. There is also information about choosing care workers and volunteers, boundaries and rights as a consumer as well as other resources for care workers and clients

Pricing: Differs by role

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Title: Body Central Online brain anatomy teaching app


Description: A tool developed for the Understanding Dementia MOOC to teach basic brain anatomy. This could be appropriate for HCP (both registered and non-registered).

It is estimated to take between 25-30 minutes to complete all the tasks but could be an good study tool.

Appropriate Audience: Students, carers, non-registered HCP in work place development may find this a useful tool during training in dementia.

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Resource Type: Video - NZ

Title: Case Study: Person first, dementia second


Description: Kate Burnett works in Bupa Care Services New Zealand, and talks in this video about one of the residents she cares for. Talks about a lucid period that a person living with dementia had, and the effects on the care staff. May be useful for carers in clinical environments and new staff in care homes.

Target Audience: Carers and new care home staff

Appropriate Audience: Carers and care home staff

Contact Person: Nil. If you know the correct person to contact about this video, please contact

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Title: Dementia Training Australia


Description: DTA is a service established to provide dementia-specific training to aged care, health care professionals, undergraduate trainees, and a range of other professionals and community service providers.

Our goal is to improve the care and wellbeing of people with dementia.

We will achieve this goal through a range of services, events, and resources to ensure that up-to-date dementia knowledge and skills training are within reach of anyone who has a professional contact point with people who have dementia.



Online contact form:

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