FutureLearn course - Ageing Well: Falls

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Contact: Julia Newton, Professor of Ageing & Medicine and James Frith, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine, Newcastle University & Falls &

This courses overviews falls, how they occur and their impacts. Whether you have been affected by falls yourself or care for someone who has, this course will help you understand what you can do to prevent falls and also what you can do if you have experienced a fall. This course is designed and run by academics from Newcastle University.

Target Audience: Allied healthcare professionals and carers

Appropriate Audience: Carers for older people

Notes: Course in progresses by project manager.

Pricing: FutureLearn can be access for free. A certificate may be purchase to show completion of this course. This may be of relevance for continuing education for HCP and non-registered carers. They normally cost from £39.00 (GBP) to £59.00 (GBP) + shipping. The price shown includes a digital and printed certificate and transcript, and VAT or local sales tax. The exact price for your course will be shown within the course itself.

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