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Title Date Author Description Link
Alzheimer Disease:Scientific Breakthroughs and Translational Challenges 2017 Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic This article from a Symposium on Neurosciences is a comprehensive summary of dementia research to date. There is an interesting section on unresolved clinical questions in diagnosis and therapy. find out more Click Here
Vascular Contribution to Dementia May 2017 Lancet Neurology Editorial The attached article is Vascular disease and neurodegeneration: advancing together.It describes a new consortium working to understand the contribution of small vessel disease to vascular cognitive impairment and dementia. They also note that the inc... find out more Click Here
Elder Law in NZ 2014 Thomson Reuters Elder Law in New Zealand is written by contributors from a variety of backgrounds, with each part of the book exploring different facets of elder law.Reviews: As the first book published in New Zealand to address these issues in a single referenc... find out more Click Here