The Great Kiwi Quiz!
on 28-Jun-2019

The Great Kiwi Quiz!

Want to help us raise funds to improve care and support for fellow Kiwis and their families who are affected by dementia and showcase your smarts at the same time? Pit your wits against corporate NZ in our online quiz!  Enter your team in the Great Kiwi Quiz and compete with teams from New Zealand’s most savvy businesses in a 6-week online general knowledge challenge. Not only do you get to prove to everyone you’ve got what it takes to win, but you can do a power of good at the same time. 

 How it works

  • It costs $100 to register your business and your first team. Subsequent teams are $50 each. All you need to compete is a team of 3 and internet access via PC, laptop or smart device.
  • Each quiz has 20 multi-choice questions covering a wide range of general knowledge topics (including on dementia!). You compete in real-time against teams from around New Zealand.
  • The quiz starts at 5 pm, every Thursday, starting 8 August 2019, and runs for six weeks.
  • We will run a leader board so you can see who is wiping the floor!
  • The team with the highest aggregate result is the overall winner.

What do you win? First, you win kudos as the winners of the inaugural Great Kiwi Quiz. You’ll get skite sheets to display in the office, and if you send us a team selfie, we will publicly acknowledge you as amazing brains on both social media and our website.

We will also donate 100 hours of community dementia care on your behalf to someone you nominate (must be an NZ resident and living in NZ). But to be honest, it’s your fellow Kiwis who are going to be the biggest winners of all when we’re able to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. Our families, our workmates, our communities.      

 Register now! Register on the link above. Complete the eform and we will send you an invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid, we will email you to confirm that you are a participant. Then it’s all up to you! 

 Happy quizzing. Stay sharp, think keen, act with speed! 

 About NZ Dementia Cooperative, and why we’re running this quiz The NZ Dementia Cooperative exists to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. Our vision is a country where people affected by dementia can live their best lives possible, through the provision of leading, evidence-based dementia care.

 We do this in a number of ways: we champion best practice dementia care and collaboration, we facilitate research, we drive awareness and work to reduce stigma and we influence policy makers in order to promote the most effective care possible.  By striving for the provision of high-quality care, we are creating the best possible outcomes for everyone impacted by dementia.

We are a charity organisation, so we depend on the kindness of others to help do good. Through our work, we aim to uplift the lives of Kiwis affected by dementia, so that together we can all live our best lives possible.