Creating stories
on 29-Oct-2018

In creative storytelling, a small group of people who have dementia get together for the purpose of creating a story. The freedom to imagine, to say anything, inspires people to be active participants, to be creative, spontaneous, and playful, to be storytellers. The process is fun - lots of laughs usually - while it stimulates thinking and talking. Each session ends with a completed story, leaving participants with a sense of achievement. People often want to keep the image to show family. The stories can be displayed or kept in a folder to be re-read and shared. Here is a story created by the Marsden Club in Wellington. If you want to learn how to do this, see my website for more info 

Dancing in the square

She’s dancing, because she’s happy, because there is music to dance to. If you can call it music – those great big instruments in the background. She’s in a public square somewhere. Could be Italy.

One of those things… A bullfight? A picnic? Her name is Caroline. I don’t remember bullfights. It could be a wedding. There’s bystanders who have come to watch.

What has she got that key on her chest for? It is the key to her heart. I locked the door. She’s going to give the key to her husband. He might be there dancing with her. Her husband’s name is Fred, or Francisco, or Frederick.

 After the dance they will sit down, and have a party. They are going swimming. They’ve got to find some water first. At a pool. She’s trying to attract a guy. The weather is fine. She’s feeling off the roof! And they all lived happily ever after.